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No matter what your application may be or material you need to cut...Star Metal Fluids has the cutting oil to fit your bill. If you are needing EP additives to help you achieve better finishes, part size & shape on hard to cut metals...we have it. Need a cutting oil with more lubricity, heavy or light viscosity...we have it. How about a synthetic or vegetable-based cutting oil...we have it. If you don't find what you are needing or need technical help in selecting the right product...give us a call toll-free. We are here to help you be more productive and reduce costs by cutting run-times, 2nd operations, and scrap rates...while achieving maximum tool life!

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QualiChem Defoam HP
QualiChem Xtreme-Grind T
QualiChem Quick Tap Extreme-Duty
QualiChem Xtreme-Cut 210C
QualiChem Q-Cut 215
QualiChem Q-Cut 225
QualiChem Xtreme-Cut 230C
QualiChem Xtreme-Cut 230 D
QualiChem Xtreme-Cut 232
QualiChem Q-Cut 235
QualiChem Q-Cut 236 Semi-Synthetic
QualiChem Q-Cut 245
QualiChem Q-Cut 246
QualiChem Xtreme-Cut 251C
QualiChem Xtreme-Cut 270
QualiChem Xtreme-Cut 271C
QualiChem Xtreme-Cut 290
QualiChem Xtreme-Cut 291
QualiChem Xtreme-Grind 291
QualiChem Xtreme-Cool 335
QualiChem Xtreme-Cool 353C
QualiChem Q-Cool 355D
QualiChem Xtreme-Cool 355C
QualiChem Xtreme-Cool 363
Select up to 4 items to compare.
Select up to 4 items to compare.