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When it comes to lubricants for your expensive machines it is very important to have a supplier who knows the metalworking industry and the lubricants needed to keep industry-related machines running. Star Metal Fluids has the name brand lubes as well as high-quality private-label brands to accommodate every price sensitive requirement. Have a competitive brand or foreign machine lube call out? We can cross them over to products more readily available and meet the OEM specification. If you don't see it... give us a call and we'll find it for you.

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Bosse Lubricants Premium ATF-3
Bosse EP Gear 68
Bosse EP Gear 100
Bosse EP Gear 150
Bosse EP Gear 220
Bosse EP Gear 320
Bosse EP Gear 460
Bosse Gear-Syn 8220
Bosse Premium AW32 Hydraulic Oil
Bosse AW32 Zinc-Free Hydraulic Oil
Bosse Premium AW46 Hydraulic Oil
Bosse AW46 Zinc-Free Hydraulic Oil
Bosse Premium AW68 Hydraulic Oil
Bosse AW68 Zinc-Free Hydraulic Oil
Bosse Premium AW100 Hydraulic Oil
Bosse Premium HVI 22 Lube 5gl
Bosse Premium Lubetac 1405
Bosse Premium Lubetac 1409
Bosse Premium Spindle 2 (ISO VG 2)
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