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Star Metal Fluids is proud to represent the highest in quality and proven name brand cleaners and cleaning solutions found in the aerospace and industrial marketplace. Names you will recognize are Vantage (formerly Petroferm), Brulin, Chemetall and Oakite. For any cleaning application we have the products for use in immersion, spray-in-air, ultrasonic, cabinet wash and vapor degreasing. Look for these trade names AXAREL, BIOACT, Cleansafe, HYDREX, and LENIUM. Our cleaning specialists are only a phone call away to help you find the right cleaning agent and cleaning equipment per your application.

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Vantage Solvag SA-70
Vantage Prepsolv
Vantage Lenium Super Booster 5gl
Vantage Lenium RV
Vantage Lenium GS
Vantage Hydrex LF
Vantage Hydrex SP-50
Vantage BioAct SC-22
Vantage BioAct SC-10E
Vantage BioAct SC-10
Vantage BioAct PCG
Vantage BioAct EC-88
Vantage BioAct EC-7R
Vantage BioAct EC-7M
Vantage BioAct AE-O
Vantage BioAct 280
Vantage BioAct 200
Vantage BioAct 108
Vantage BioAct 105
Vantage Axarel 9100
Vantage Axarel 6100
Vantage Axarel 4100
Vantage Axarel 4000
Vantage Axarel 3000
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